Saturday, August 21, 2010

New gear with attitude!

A new fishingreel and rod for perchfishing. Shimano rarenium 1000 ci4 and a Pezon-Michel Gunki Kaze is new material for my jigging after perch. I bought them from
the address below. 95€ for the rod and 160€ for the reel. A lot less than in sweden. I Like fullcarbon rods. Very sensitive and longcasting, but i find them somewhat expensive considering how fragile they are.
I found out this summer that powerwindows on a car and temporary bad memory is a poor combination when good fishing is on.
That cracky sound when an expensive fullcarbonrod brakes is unmistakable and good for me i have several rods at our place so a new rod was not needed right away, but a replacement had to be bought.
I like smaller reels and this shimano rarenium will be just fine. Made of some spaceshipmaterial. Really light and looks good. Hopefully it handles braided lines better then my old Shimano Sedona 750.

Theese lures and baits are what we needed this summer to keep the smoker and the fryepan going every day. Perch, pike and trout likes theese baits!
Mepps size nr:2, Yum and Storm jigs and that little yellow handmade minnow from a local minnowcarver. Weird colours on the jigs and the minnow, but somehow they work. Perches are like humans - they also like colourful, fancylooking things!

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