Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Perch that thought they were trouts!

Look at these perches! Fantastic colour on them, isn't it?
I was checking out one of my spots in Lappland. A small creek doesn't look like it can hold big fish.
But it does; I had a really good looking trout biting my spinner there a few years ago. I never managed to get it up, but i had it on the hook long enough to see it was a fairly big fish, considering the stream is really small. The fish was some 55cm long, at that time. I know, because i had it just to my feet before it got loose.
This year i went back to see if it still was there. When getting closer to the little pool i use to see them i saw a bigger fish fish getting away. I asumed it was the fish i have seen earlier years or another one, just as big. But when i tried to catch it in it's pool i started to get some really good looking perches instead of the trout, i was looking for.
Perches were really fat and had those fine colours. The water is really clean and the bottom on the stream is sand, so that's why those perches have the troutcolours. They were in really good condition and they all ended up in the smoker at home.
But i got one of the trouts in the stream aswell. A smaller fish, around 50cm. I saw it was lightly hooked so i let it free even without touching it.
The photos of that fish are somewhat blury, but they'll have to do.
All perches and the trout bit on a Mepps spinner, nr:2 copper with red dots.

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