Tuesday, August 17, 2010

S/S Puhois and regatta in Varkaus, Finland

On saturday, july third, we came with 23 other steamers to Varkaus, southeast Finland. City of Varkaus was the host for the regatta this year, so that was the reason why we ended up there. Saturday noon when all boats have arrived a conferencier introduced all boats. Names, owners and their purpuse during the times when they were used on the lakes. Towboats, cargo or passengerships arr the most common boats. S/S Puhois is really rear. Her hull is made of wood, has 20 beds and a sauna + we can sit 20 persons and have dinner at the same time. She's very roomy.
When conferencier is done he tells all Kaptens to blow the horns on their ship and that is a serenade out of this world. The serenade goes on for a minute...I wanted to record it this year, but i didn't hear the conferencier at all, so i missed the start and most of it fumbling with my camera. When i had it ready the serenade was almost over, but i was suprised of the little extra concert that followed.
I have a little problem getting the filmclip here at the moment...I'll post it here as soon as possible.

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