Monday, September 6, 2010

Huskvarna, Lake Wättern..a good spot for jigging char.

Highway,  gardeners place and the Silo in the background.
I went to Huskvarna fishing yesterday. Did a little tour on "Liakanten" just outside Elmia. My fishingspots are just on the line of the protectionarea, so after september 15 it's not legal to fish there untill december 31, so i thought I try them.
 I found some really good spots there and I will try to practice some verticaljigging after Arctic Char coming weekend if weather is ok. Yesterday was just perfect for that yesterday, but i wanted to try out the boat so everyting works just fine fore the autumns adventures. Went through "Liakanten" and had a nice fish biting a baitfish tackled to a flasher on just 16 feet. I had the fish in the net, but lost it.
Then i had another 4 bites. Fish hiting my baitfish but didn't stay on the hook. I also tried to fish outside the Silo, next to the highway, but had only one hit there. I got all fish biting on the flasher combination, but the only fish that i got up in the boat was an undersized char that took a 1 1/2 inch homemade, green Apextype of lure. All fish biting was between 15-25 feet of depth, wich is little strange since it was 14.3 degrees even on 100 feet. Who said Arctic char likes only cold water?

I tried out a new system yesterday: A tandemflasher. Two VK-flasher tied together with a 50cm leader and the baitfish 1.20m behind the second flasher. I had some bites on this system, so i think it will work after some finetuning. When fishingday was over i met some fishermen in the harbour who told me they used "Spålänga" wich is a system of big spoons, a rod length long and then a small bait or lure tied to the the end of it. This was good yesterday, so i wasn't so far away with my tandemflasher. Very nice weather and this years last sunburn, but no fish brought home from this trip.

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