Monday, June 28, 2010


I have left sweden for Finland till August 10. I'm currently in Lappland but leaving this place for Savonlinna on thursday for loading up S/S Puhois (steamship) with 10 cub/m with birch. Steamin towards Varkaus on friday to meet up with 25 other ships for celebrating the fleet of steamers cruising Lake Saimaa. It's going to bee really fun!
Till then i keep doing repairingwork on our houses, do some fishing and also some running...
That running kind of sorted out allready, because reindeers are feeding on our flowers and bushes that we try to make grow on our little farm. A good way to keep the reindeers of the yard is to scare them and i do that, run after them like a bushman and it works...atleast daytime. In the mornings there ususally have been there someone there, at our yard, nicking some flowers and i dont think it's Santa Claus..
Time is running out, sitting in library Kemijärvi.
/ Jussi

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  1. I like that you dont talk about anything but fishing on your blog.. stop over if you want to see the same things..

    I am following your blog and will add you to the roll soon.