Saturday, January 16, 2010

Problems with your trailer?

Look at this. Perfekt to prevent problems with brakes or wheelbearings. When i imported my trailer from England it had something like this mounted to protect and grease the bearings. The idea is simple.  Just pump in the grease and the spring system will make sure there is enough of it to keep water away. The bearing get new grease all the time. I have had my trailer for five years and this far i have done nothing to it. Just the ordinary things, adjusting brakes aso.  These bearingprotecters doesn't mean that you can leave the ordinary service, maintenance undone, but they do make things a lot easier. 
I have found this maker in US:
Looks a little bit different, but works just the same.
I have copied the photos from the webpages. Well aware that i'm not allowed to do that. I let the photos be here till someone tells me to remove them! I think theese bearingsavers are good things. Making it more safe to drive around in bad conditions with our boattrailers, especially now, wintertime. I have seen what happens when bearings get jammed due to bad grease or none at all. The friction will make the brakepads and the drum even hotter. This will be to much for the bearing. Finally, It's not a pretty sight when a wheel leaves the rest of the trailer. No horrorstorryies to be told here! It's a lot more fun to be home in time, safe and sound. 
There are a lot of places to order on the net. If you order them, measure the diameter on your hubs, so you get the right ones. Safe ride and Tight lines. 

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