Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Battery for the Warrior.

I bought a new battery for my boat. It's an Deka Seamate AGM (AbsorbedGlassMat). Completely sealed, no acid or explosive fumes coming out from this battery. The speifications are the same as for an ordinary battery, weight, size aso. 
Amp.hours are 79. Prize is the double compared with an ordinary acidbattery but an battery with AGM will last longer and with the advantages it have, it is well worth the money. This type of battery also has better ability to last longer even if t is completely drawn out and recharged more times than an ordinary battery. I bought it from Svenska Batterilagret in Borås. Deka in made in USA. 
I have had my recent battery for more than five years and thought it was time to update it. It works, but i don't know for how long. A battery in a boat lives a hard life. They can work well, start the engine and get the instruments working. But once you leave the harbour and give gas, it could be good to have in mind that an fuelinjected outboarder needs 11.9 Volts to have enough power for the ignition. Lover voltage in battery than that, and engine will stop. The more gas you give, the more power the engine  takes out for the ignition. If you have an old battery it will be a hard work for it to do that job, especially with lights, GPS, fishfinder and all other things that is running at the same time. Wintertime it will be even harder for it. If a fuelinjected engine stops while running, due to an bad battery; stop and turn off all consumers. Wait some minutes and then start up the engine again. But DO NOT try to give gas. Engine will stop again. There is not enough voltage for the ignition, so just let it run on idle for a long time. Hopefully you are not outside Omberg, Lake Vättern in an hard westerly wind as i was when my engine did just what i described above. I managed to get back to Hästholmen, one experince richer what fishing from a boat wintertime can be like when it's cold. My battery in the boat, at that time was just low on water and voltage. Just a little but enough that day to almost make my day really bad. A battery, the best you can get is a cheap ensurance for safety. A double set up of batterys is a good way to add safety too, but heavier and more expensive. A small kicker next to the big engine is good aswell. / Jussi

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