Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Love Hjo!

Friday, may 15. A windy day, but between the gusts some fisk decided to bit on whitefish equiped with baitheads. I almost had an Vättern triple x 2, but didn't catch the remaining trout. Also threw back the trout i caught. It was a 2,5kg, very good looking trout and with the hook coming loose out of his mouth the choise was easy,- back it went. I released four fish this day. Brought home a salmon weighing 7 kg, char 3 kg and one more char 55cm long.  Not to many out on the lake today, though, i and Bo Pedersen, team tortuga, caught several nice fishes. He and Ivan from Denmark caught a nio kg. heavy salmon among some other smaller salmon and mainly char. Looking forward to fishing lake Wettern again.

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